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"The Prophecy of Time" was one of the last prophecies that Sandwich wrote before his death. It was written on the center of the ceiling, forcing Gregor to lie down to read it.


The war has been declared,
Your ally been ensnared.
It is now or it is never.
Break the code or die forever.

Time is running out
Running out
Running out.

To the warrior give my blade.
By his hand your fate is made.
But do not forget the ticking
Or the clicking, clicking, clicking.
While a rat's tongue may be flicking,
With its feet it does the tricking.
For the paw and not the jaw
Makes the Code of Claw.

Time is standing still
Standing still
Standing still.

Since the princess is the key
To unlock the treachery,
She cannot avoid the matching
Or the scratching, scratching, scratching.
When a secret plot is hatching,
In the naming is the catching.
What she saw, it is the flaw
Of the Code of Claw.

Time is turning back
Turning back
Turning back.

When the monster's blood is spilled,
When the warrior has been killed,
You must not ignore the rapping,
Or the tapping, tapping, tapping.
If the gnawers find you napping,
You will rot while they are mapping
Out the law of those who gnaw
In the Code of Claw.