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Suffocated in volcanic ash and poisonous gases

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Species Flier


Coat color

Peach with white tabby stripes

Eye color


Family members



No bond (Hazard was her future bond)

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Thalia was a young, female flier. She was described to be almost like a tabby cat, and had soft, peach colored fur. She loved jokes, so Gregor modified some Overlander jokes for her. She joins the "picnic" with Hazard, but has trouble keeping up because she is so small. When trying to exit a cave during an earthquake, Hazard jumps on her back. This ends up being too much weight for her and is dragged to the ground. They are then separated by Howard and carried by Nike. When the cave collapses and the water rushes in, Hazard and herself are dropped. She is later found floating in the river holding on to injured Hazard. When trying to escape from the "Queen", a volcano, she suffocated in noxious gases. She was meant to be the bond of Hazard.

Jokes Gregor told her:

  • "Why did the bat cross the river? To get to the other side."
  • "Why is six afraid of seven? Because seven ate nine"
  • "What did one wall say to another? Meet you at the corner."


  • Thalia is the Greek Muse of comedy.

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