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Stingers are ten to twelve feet scorpions that inhabit Hades Hall, after being forced out by the gnawers. They have eight legs, a pair of large pinchers, and a tail with a stinger that contains deadly poison.

Stingers were encountered by Luxa, Gregor, Howard, Ares, Aurora, Nike, Thalia, Hazard, Boots, Temp, and Cartesian in book four. After the group were discovered by the Bane's Gnawers when they were eavesdropping on them, they were lead to a tunnel, where two stingers lay, with their babies. At first, the group prepared for combat, which distressed the scorpions. Thalia was caught by the mother scorpion, until Hazard is able to convince everyone to put their weapons down. They are able to stay in the tunnel, and managed to establish good relationships with the stingers.

Stingers have a poison, that could kill a large group of creatures. They can understand Hisser, Crawler, and probably Spinner. Stingers, in book four, have become the allies with the Humans. They are enemies with the rats, because the gnawers forced the stingers out of their land. They have relationships with the crawlers, and the hissers, since stingers can understand Hisser and Crawler speech.