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around 13

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Species Human


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Silvery blond

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Regalia, the Fount

Stellovet was a female Underlander around the age of thirteen, and sister to Howard, Hero, Kent, and Chim. She and her cousins Luxa, Henry, and Nerissa did not get along well because Stellovet had always wanted to be part of the royal family.


"They are not of royal blood, although they greatly desire to be so."
Luxa informing Gregor of her cousin's lineage.[src]

Stellovet was one of five children born to York and Susannah. They lived at the Fount, where York ruled and Susannah worked as a doctor. Stellovet's aunt Judith was once the Queen of Regalia, but she and Stellovet's mother were not of royal blood. This meant that Stellovet and her siblings were not royalty, although their cousin Luxa was.[1]

Growing upEdit

"We live at the Fount. Our father is in charge there."
—Stellovet boasting of her father's rank at the Fount.[src]
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Meeting GregorEdit

Stellovet: "Oh, we were so glad you were there to defend Luxa on the quest."
Gregor: "Uh-huh. Well, I'd have been rat meat about three times if it wasn't for Luxa, so I guess it evens out."
Stellovet: "Yes, Luxa is something of an expert on rats. No matter how many legs they have."
— Stellovet slyly insulting Luxa and Henry.[src]
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"Gregor knew kids like that, kids who would take something really awful in your life and use it against you. And there was nothing you could say about it because the thing was true. He felt a deep and instant dislike of Stellovet."
Gregor's opinion of Stellovet.[src]

Stellovet had a very cruel nature towards her royal cousins. She did not have any remorse in hurting their feelings, nor would she hesitate to try and take things from them.

Physical descriptionEdit

"There was a girl named Stellovet, maybe thirteen or so, who had flowing, silvery blond curls and was strikingly pretty."
—First description of Stellovet[src]



"To his credit, Howard seemed embarrassed. Stellovet and the twins were smirking. The little girl, Chimney or whatever her name was, was wide-eyed and confused."
—The siblings' reactions to Stellovet's obvious insult to Luxa.[src]

Stellovet seemed to get along more with her younger twin siblings, Hero and Kent. Howard, her older brother, disapproved of her cruel nature, and did not like her insulting their cousins. Her youngest sibling, Chimney, accidentally helped in insulting her, making Stellovet angry at her. However, she and Chimney had been holding hands when they were seen together, so they may get along more often than not.[1]

"They make fun of Nerissa. Of her gift and her frailty. No, we do not...that is, I do not like them."
Luxa discussing her dislike of Stellovet and her siblings.[src]

Stellovet's cousins included Henry, Nerissa, Luxa, and Hazard. She did not get along with Henry, Nerissa, or Luxa because of her jealousy of their royal status. She would make fun of Nerissa's visions and how frail she was, and Stellovet, Henry, and Luxa clashed because of this.[1]


Gregor the Overlander
Gregor: "Oh, so have you ever seen a rat?"
Stellovet: "Yes! I have seen a rat! On the riverbank! As close as I am to you!"
Chimney: "But, Stellovet, that rat was dead."
Stellovet: "Hush!"
Gregor pointedly embarrassing Stellovet.[src]

Gregor and Stellovet developed a mutual dislike for one another within minutes of meeting one another. Stellovet's insults towards Luxa made him dislike her instantly, and their relationship only worsened when Gregor embarrassed her soon after.


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