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Spinners are giant spiders. They are always neutral in any conflict, in which they help both sides, so that they would help the victor. Spinners are also very sensitive to sound.

In the first book, Vikus thought that the spinners would be in good terms with the humans, because of a trade agreement. However, the spinners held him, Solovet, Euripedes, Ajax, Mareth, Boots, Temp, Tick, Gregor, Henry, Luxa, Ares, and Aurora prisoner. Luxa and Aurora performed the Coiler, a move which destroyed the spinner's web, and the group was able to escape. They were followed by Treflex and Gox, who joined in the quest after the gnawers attacked the spinners. After joining the group, Treflex dies of his wounds. After rescuing Gregor's father, Henry betrayed the group's location to the gnawers, and Gox was killed by King Gorger. Gregor distracts the Gnawers by leaping into a pit. Gorger, Henry, and some rats plummeted to their deaths, but Gregor was rescued by Ares.

Others spinners in later books include: Reflex a light green spinner on the code breaking team. Aswell as a beautiful red spinner named Purvox who was teaching hazard spinner language.