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Ambushed by gnawers

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Head of the Regalian army

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The leader of the Regalian Army and Vikus' wife. She is described to have a calm demeanor but is vicious during battle. She is why a plague started in the Underland. In book 5 she is ambushed by rats and killed.



Solovet is the first person in the Underland to treat Gregor with a degree of kindness by laying her hand on his shoulder. However, this is probably only because she knows the power he will give to the humans against the gnawers. She ruthlessly pushes forward in the war, doing whatever is necessary to win. During book 1, she knows that Gregor wants to leave, so she imprisons a person in his family in the Underland, a continuing occurrence in the series due to Gregor's fierce loyalty to his family members. After Gregor refuses to follow orders and goes to the Firelands, Solivet throws him in the dungeon upon returning, to teach him a lesson, and to weaken his mind into capitulating to whatever she wants of him. Then, to test his resolve, she, after watching him fight at the city wall, tells him to go train. He fails the test by getting angry at her, but goes to train anyway. After she dies, Gregor is only slightly saddened by her death because of the way she treated him during the war.


Vikus and Solovet have a fairly rocky relationship. They often argue about how to solve problems, with Solovet clamouring for war, and Vikus trying for peaceful diplomacy. However, he did love Solovet, as, when the news reached him that she died, he was unable to do anything, and suffered a stroke that impaired him greatly for the rest of his life.

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