Ripred is a rebellious gnawer, and many of his species agree that he is a traitor to his kind, because of his alliance and aid to humans. He is an intelligent, strategic, and deadly rager, and is also very wise and knowledgable about the Underland's many species and locations. Marked 'the peacemaker,' with two scars on his face that make an X, his goal has been indeed to restore peace to the Underland--for everyone, not just the humans or only the rats.

Ripred and Gregor have a strong bond as ragers and fighters for the peace. Working together they have completed several quests/missions striving toward that goal. Ripred is a wise but not always kind or patient teacher, but he did succeed in teaching Gregor to use echolocation, which let him see and fight in complete darkness using sound. He has also helped to improve Gregor and Ares' battle skills in many ways.

Personality and Relationships Edit

Ripred is Luxa's bond, a way to ensure peace between the humans and the gnawers. He is also a friend to Lizzie, Gregor's little sister, who loves him very much as a fatherly figure. Ripred, Solovet and Vikus work together in various combinations for battle strategy and command, discussing the issue of peace, the prophecies, and over Gregor's role as warrior. Ripred is bossy and disagreeable and thinks his plans are always best (which usually they are) and uses Sandwich's Prophecies to manipulate the humans into doing what he wants or needs them to, though not believing in them himself. Ripred overall is a humorous, trustworthy, stubborn, fierce, intelligent, and mysterious character who plays an important and intruiging part in the intricate story of good in evil in the Underland Chronicles.

History Edit

Ripred's wife and children died multiple years before the series is set. This is the reason Ripred treats Lizzie better than he treated Boots, as Lizzie reminded Ripred of his deceased daughter, Silksharp.

Code of Claw Edit

In the final book, Code of Claw, Ripred goes to save Boots and Lizzie from the battle. Ripred is thought to be dead after a rat skeleton is discovered at the battlefield. It is later revealed he is not dead when he speaks for the rats at the surrender for the war. He is proclaimed the "peacemaker" and bonds with Luxa to end the war at the end of the book.