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Luxa, the future queen of Regalia, is a twelve-year-old girl (though some sources say she was only eleven at the time of the first book) with an "attitude." She is an excellent sword fighter with an acrobatic fighting style and is always with her bond, a golden bat named Aurora, and Ares, her cousin's bond. Her parents were killed by gnawers when she was young, and her cousin, Henry, was killed after betraying her and her fellow 'questers' to King Gorger and his army. Her grandmother, Solovet, is the leader of the Regalian army and a harsh, contentious woman, opposite from her grandfather, Vikus, who is understanding and peaceful. Solovet was ambushed and killed by rats in the fifth book (Gregor and the Code of Claw) and Vikus suffered from a stroke because of this. Luxa is weighed down by a lot of responsibility and grief, but she is a good, strong leader and a loyal friend.

Luxa heroically resolved all of the conflict after the war with the Gnawers by bonding with Ripred, speaker for the rats. She saved Boots' life during the battle in the Tankard (the Labyrinth in the rats' territory). For several months everyone thought she had been killed by the deadly Serpents of the Waterway. She became good friends with the Nibblers, the large mice in the Underland, when they took her and Aurora in after the bat's wing had been dislocated and they were stranded in the jungle. To help her friends, she, Gregor, Hazard, Boots, Howard, Nike, Thalia, Ares, Aurora, Temp, and Ripred journeyed through the Swag and into Hades Hall. They discovered the Bane's secret, evil plot to eliminate all of the Nibblers in the Underland. When she returned to Regalia the humans began protecting the Nibblers and saved many of their lives.

Luxa has short silvery-blond hair and the signature pale Underlander skin and violet ("pu-ple!") eyes. She is eleven/twelve years old. When Gregor first arrived in Regalia, she treated him with harshness and exceeded in ridiculing him alongside Henry (her cousin.) But after fighting alongside each other on several quests, Luxa's hardness softens and she and Gregor become best friends and later (unexpectedly) fall in love.

Luxa and Gregor have a strong though sometimes rocky friendship. Luxa can sometimes be bossy and does not like it when others disagree with her. Gregor often disagrees with her dislike of rats, occasional harshness, and when she is always telling him what to do. Both are very brave and have saved each other's lives several times, which has bound them together in a powerful way. Rescuing, fighting, and solving the Underland's many problems side by side has built up a trust between them, which has helped Luxa and Gregor get through their many difficulties.            

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