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Hamnet was the son of Vikus and Solovet, and the twin brother of Luxa's mother, Judith. As a soldier of Regalia, he had a strained relationship with his mother, the general. Hamnet once crossed his mother in a war council, and she had him imprisoned, without light or human contact, for a month. Vikus was away from Regalia, fighting at the Fount when this occurred.

Later, Hamnet led the attack on the Garden of Hesperides. He ordered the dike to be opened—an action that caused the dike to crumble and destroy the Garden and drowning the gnawers, including all of their pups. The devastion and guilt drove Hamnet to madness, and he fled Regalia afterwards. 

Hamnet lived in the jungle after fleeing his home. He met and married an Overlander, and had a son named Hazard. Hamnet became a pacifist, looking for ways to resolve problems while avoiding fighting. He lived in the jungle for ten years. His wife died, and he raised his son on his own. 

Hamnet meets Gregor and the team when they enter the jungle, searching for a plant called starshade. It was believed that this plant would allow Regalia find a cure to the plague that was killing the warmbloods. Hamnet meets his mother and father for the first time in a decade, and introduces them to his son. It is a strained reunion. He agrees to guide Gregor's team, on the condition that Solovet did not join them. Hamnet helped the team find the starshade, and died defending it from Cutters.