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Gregor is the main character in The Underland Chronicles.


Gregor comes from the Overland. He currently lives in New York City. Gregor's father went missing when Gregor was around around 9. He has two sisters, Margaret II (Boots) and Lizzy. His grandmother is called Margaret. Boots was named after their grandmother. His family always had a hard time ever since his dad disappeared. His grandmother is very old and sometimes forgets who Gregor is and thus is unable to look after Boots, so the responsibility falls to Gregor. As Gregor mentioned in the first book, he has a few friends in his school. He likes track because it takes his mind off things, such as his father. Gregor also plays the saxophone in his school band. Gregor seems to have been close to his father. Gregor's love for science also seems to come from his dad. Boots calls Gregor " Gego" because she is unable to say "Gregor"


Since Gregor's little sister boots has light brown skin, Gregor probably has a tan. Gregor most likely has brown hair like his sisters.


In Gregor the Overlander, Boots falls into a hole leading to the Underland called Regalia when Gregor falls in. The currents helped make sure that he arrived in one piece. Once they arrived in the Underland, they encountered crawlers (cockroaches). Gregor described them as huge bugs. Boots calls them " Beeg Bugs". The lead crawler is Temp. The crawlers bring them to Regalia after some debate of giving them to the gnawers. They escort him to the arena where he and Boots are suddenly surrounded by bats. This is when he meets Luxa, Henry, and Vikus. They invite him to stay, not telling him he cannot return. When he finds out that he cannot return to the Overland, he tries to escape with boots in the river. He gets found and almost killed by two rats, but Luxa, Henry, Mareth, and some of the other Underlanders save him. This is when he meets Mareth. Upon his return, he is informed that he is the Warrior in the Prophecy of Grey, written by Bartholomew of Sandwich. Upon reading the prophecy, he, Luxa, Henry, Temp, and Boots set out on a quest to save Gregor's dad, who is being held hostage by the rats.

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