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Biographical information
Also known as
  • Warrior's Mother (by Nike)
  • Mother of Our Light (by Vikus)
  • Maker of the Princess (by Temp)
  • Most Fearsome Swatter (by Temp)
  • Swatter (by the crawlers)
Physical information
Species Human


Hair color


Skin color


Family information
Family members

Receptionist for a dentist (part-time), Waitress (part-time)

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Grace is an overlander and mother to Gregor. She is a very dedicated mother and worked extremely hard when her husband disappeared. She was extremely worried when both Gregor and her daughter Boots disappeared, too, but was so happy when they returned with their father. In the third book Grace catches the plague and has to stay in the underland. Then later on in the fourth book she catches pneumonia and becomes very weak again.

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