Gnawer icon Deceased icon
Biographical information

Fell to his death

Also known as
  • King Gorger
Physical information
Species Gnawer


Coat color



Gorger was a the sadistic king of the gnawers.  He was shown to have a bitter hatred of all Humans, and wore a crown which belonged to Luxa's parents, the former monarchs of Regalia.  He was also stated to have imprisoned several Spinners during his reign.  He and his forces ambushed Gregor and his companions and killed Gox.  Gorger and several of his followers fell to their deaths while chasing Gregor.  The gnawers later used his name as the key to The Code of Claw. Lizzie found earlier before that the word Gregor could be transformed into Gorger. This connection was the key to cracking the Code of Claw.

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