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Biographical information

Killed by Snare

Physical information
Species Gnawer


Coat color


Family information
Family members

Goldshard was an unusually golden rat. She was the mother of Pearlpelt. Near the end of Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, she and Snare engage in a vicious battle, (Snare losing an eye and his shoulder bone was revealed. Goldshard loses an ear and one of her front paws is snapped in two.) which ends with both of them dying. Before she dies, she pleads with Gregor, "Don't..." and then dies. Gregor and Ares thought Goldshard was trying to say, "Don't hurt me." The Bane (which was a baby then) curls up in his mother's dead body and whimpers for a while. then, Gregor and Ares realize that Goldshard was trying to say: "Don't kill my baby." after that, Gregor, Ares, and the Bane leave for Regalia.

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