Species information



Gnawer (squeaking)

Hair color
  • Gray
  • Gold (rarely)
  • White (rarely)
Height of avg. adult

183 cm (6' 0")

Gnawers are enormous rats native to the Underland, named for their inclination to gnaw on objects to keep their teeth from growing too long. They stand about six feet in height, and posses intelligence equivalent to that of humans. They speak the language of humans adeptly, and can scratch out rudimentary messages, though their lack of thumbs prevents them from writing fluently and creating or operating weaponry. They appear to be the only creatures in the Underland that speak in contractions (e.g., saying "don't" instead of "do not") They share a deep rivalry with the humans, and are the main antagonists of the Underland Chronicles.

General BehaviorEdit

The gnawers are initially portrayed as being cold and self-centered. They are often aggressive, frequently attacking and occasionally eating members of the other sentient species of the Underland. When Gregor asks Ripred if rats can love, he remarks that "We love ourselves very much." Later in the series, the gnawers are portrayed more sympathetically. It is revealed that, despite Ripred's sarcastic reply to Gregor's query in the first book, rats share strong bonds with their mates and pups, and, on the rare occasions that they befriend humans, are fierce and loyal friends.

Also, it's noted that the gnawers "enjoy a good joke". Such as when Ripred sees the shocked faces of the Underlanders when Gregor confirms that Ripred's a friend, in Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, he ultimately cracks up. And when the gnawers look for Gregor in the same book, the gnawers start to joke about it, and start rolling on the ground, laughing hysterically.

Due to their aggressive nature, the gnawers have a long history of conflicts. They tend to have divided loyalties, forming factions. After the death of King Gorger in Gregor the Overlander, they separated into even more groups, all of them trying to gain control.

Territory Edit

The rats occupy the Dead land. It is implied that they live in caves.

Abilities Edit

Gnawers are very strong, fast, and can leap very high. With their long teeth and claws, gnawers are highly harmful. Like other Underland creatures, they have the ability to talk.

Notable GnawersEdit








Pearlpelt (The Bane)










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