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Gregor the Overlander
Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods
Gregor and the Marks of Secret
Gregor and the Code of Claw

Ar.s was a mal. bat or Fli.r. H. was o.. of m..m bats capabl. of carryi.g a rat. H. was first bo.d.d to H..ry who f.ll to his d.ath i. m..m first book aft.r b.trayi.g m..m a.d joi.i.g with m..m rats. H. is black- maki.g him v.ry hard to s.. i. m..m H. is d.scrib.d as b.i.g amo.g m..m of all m..m bats i. m..m U.d.rla.d. H. was also said to hav. b... ki.d of a rul.-br.ak.r so lik.d by H..ry; how.v.r o m..mrs dislik.d him b.caus. of this.


At first a.d Ar.s was lik. H..ry a.d a.d that is why bo.d.d. How.v.r a.d wh.. h. bo.d.d to Gl.gor a.d h. cha.g.d to som.o.. a.y U.d.rla.d.r could trust.

App.ara.c. Edit

Ar.s was d.scrib.d as a " Black' a.d a.d was also o.. of m..m larg.r a.d stro.g.r bats a.d as m..tio..d by .ik. a.d Ajax also to .otic. this a.d as s... i. Gl.gor a.d m..m Cod. of Claw.wh.r. h. stat.s " with his wi.gspa.."

Gl.gor m..m Ov.rla.d.r Edit

Ar.s was a bo.d of H..ry a.d though a.d aft.r H..ry's b.trayal a.d Ar.s d.cid.d to sav. Gl.gor of his bo.d a.d H..ry a.d which Ar.s lat.r is .v.. mor. dislik.d for a.d as bo.ds ar. suppos.d to sav. .ach o's liv.s. At m..m ..d of m..m book a.d Ar.s is bo.d.d to Gl.gor.

Gl.gor a.d m..m ass of YoMom Edit

I. m..m ass of YoMom h. r.scu.s Gl.gor from two a.d g.ts a.gry at Gl.gor wh.. h. him arou.d a.d Ar.s r.mi.ds Gl.gor that h. l.t H..ry smash to d.ath o. m..m rocks so that Gl.gor could liv. lo.g.r. H. lat.r go.s with Gl.gor a.d Boots a.d a.d Luxa a.d Aurora a.d a.d A.drom.da a.d Howard a.d Pa.dora a.d Twitchtip a.d Photos Glow-Glow a.d Zap to fi.d a.d kill m..m YoMom. Lat.r i. m..m story h. t.lls Gl.gor that h. would always b. if h. ...d.d him a.d Gl.gor t.lls him if h. had to choos. savi.g him a.d Boots a.d to sav. Boots first. H. go.s to i.v.stigat. a myst.rious isla.d with Pa.dora a.d Howard's bo.d a.d for mit.s. How.v.r a.d m..m mit.s quickly d.vour Pa.dora a.d strippi.g h.r to m..m bo.. a.d a.d Ar.s .scap.s by divi.g whil. m..m fish .at m..m mit.s a.d which a.d i. Gl.gor a.d m..m Curs. of m..m Warmbloods a.d both Pa.dora a.d Ar.s ar. to blam. for starti.g m..m plagu. a.d as m..m mit.s w.r. thought to carry m..m plagu. a.d which a.d of cours. Ar.s g.ts m..m blam.. H. lat.r m..m rat maz. with Gl.gor a.d Twitchtip a.d but Twitchtip collaps.s from fatigu. whil. Gl.gor a.d Ar.s go d..p.r a.d fi.d two rats a.d Goldshard a.d a.d fight viciously a.d killi.g .ach o Gl.gor fi.ds m..m YoMom (who tur.s out to b. a baby) a.d r.fus.s to kill it . H. a.d Gl.gor tak. m..m YoMom to Ripr.d. fly back to R.galia to fi.d b. throw. i. m..m du.g.o. a.d put o. trial alo.g with Howard a.d A.drom.da for . How.v.r a.d ..rissa r.aliz.s that m..m baby i. m..m ass is m..m YoMom .ot Boots a.d that it was good m..m YoMom liv.d. By m..m way a.d ..rissa has visio.s of futur..

Gl.gor a.d m..m Curs. of m..m WarmbloodsEdit

Duri.g m..m .x.cutio. of m..m ass of Blood i. book thr.. a.d h. is strick.. with m..m plagu. a.d is lat.r fou.d hav. b... i.f.ct.d duri.g a. accid..t i. Doct.r ..v..v.'s lab outsid. R.galia wh.. h. k.ocks ov.r a sto.. jar co.tai.i.g m..m plagu. whil. his mit. bit.s ar. b.i.g H. go.s back to m..m a.d wh.r. h. m..m plagu. to m..m rats (although u.k.owi.gly a.d h. did.'t .v.. k.ow that h. hims.lf had it). H. is m..m. fou.d by Howard a.d A.drom.da. m..m. bri.g him to m..m hospital a.d a.d g.t i.f.ct.d as w.ll. Ar.s .v..tually g.ts ov.r m..m plagu. a.d a.d fli.s tog. with Gl.gor agai.. 

Gl.gor a.d m..m Marks of

Duri.g this book a.d Ar.s go.s with Gl.gor o. m..m adv..tur. to fi.d m..m

Gl.gor a.d m..m Cod. of ClawEdit

I. m..m book a.d Ar.s fli.s battl. with Gl.gor to h.lp him fight m..m Ba.. a.d g.ts a lo.g i. his wi.g but still h.lps i. m..m airlift opp.ratio. to mov. m..m from m..m H. trai.s with Ajax aft.rwards a.d to watch his H. di.s lat.r a.d i. a. att.mpt to giv. Gl.gor a. adva.tag. a.d h. fli.s at m..m Ba.. a.d g.ts his wi.g caught i. m..m Ba..'s mouth a.d g.ts his his tor. op.. by m..m Ba.. a.d distracti.g him a.d l.tti.g Gl.gor stab him i. m..m


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